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Your brakes are a vital safety mechanisim in your vehicle. You should always keep your eye on your brakes and have them checked as part of your routine maintenance. To keep your brakes in the best working order, you can get a brake inspection whenever you have maintenance performed at Mazda Direct. A highly-trained technician can spot pad deterioration before the telltale squeal, keeping you safe on the road. 

What does squeaking mean?

If your brakes make a squealing noise when you press the pedal, that signals that your brake pads are failing. This signals to the owner and the mechanic that it's time to change the pads. If the pads are changed in a timely manner, it protects the metal components from damage. Pad replacement is far less expensive than replacing the metal drums and rotors. If the pads do wear out, the drums don't have any protection and will need to be replaced sooner as the metal rubs against metal. Of course, this can all be avoided by heeding the squeal of your brakes. This can be avoided with regular maintenance. 

What else should I pay attention to?

Brakes may require other maintenance. The brake fluid can become old. This means it gets too thick and can't perform its role as a lubricant. Dirty fluids can lead to the corrosion of metal parts. Protective seals may start to rot. If brake fluid has grown old from use, it is a good idea to have the system flushed, and the fluid replaced. 

The best course of action is routine maintenance with the experts at Mazda Direct. Schedule your service today.