Vehicle windshield covered in raindrops

Mazda Windshield Wiper Replacements Fostoria, OH

Now that the winter season is over, we are starting to move into warmer weather, which can include falling rain. Whether it is a light mist or a torrential pour, you want a crystal-clear view while driving your Mazda. 

When you purchased your Mazda, it came with the best windshield wipers on the market. But over time, those windshield wipers will naturally wear out and leave streaks – usually right in your line of visibility. That means it is time for a new set! 

We’re going to level with you: switching out your windshield wipers on your own is easy in theory, but it can be super frustrating. First you actually need to remember to stop at an auto parts store or the area of a big-box retailer that sells basic automotive part. Then you need to find out what size you need. Your owner’s manual will tell you what sizes you need, but that is in your vehicle’s glovebox, so you use the guide that is sitting by the selection of available windshield wipers. While helpful, the in-store guide is not always right, and then you need to make another trip to the store to make the exchange. 

Luckily, there is an easier way! When you come to the in-house service center here at Mazda Direct, you can kick back and relax while our technicians take care of finding the right-sized wiper blades for your specific Mazda vehicle and get them mounted for you. And they will make sure that the blades are locked in place so they don’t go flying during those April showers. 

To learn more and to schedule a service appointment, please contact us or visit us here at Mazda Direct! We are located at 1600 North County Line Street in Fostoria. Thanks and we look forward to keeping your Mazda happy and healthy!