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Mazda Vehicle Summer Preparation Maintenance Fostoria, OH

Summer is finally here and we can’t wait to get out and enjoy the heat sunshine! We are also looking forward to fishing, swimming in our favorite lake, canoeing/kayaking, and eating lots of Popsicles! As much as we love these summertime activities, it is important that our Mazda vehicle keep up with us as the temperature begins to swelter. 

Luckily, we are here to help! At Mazda Direct, we have an in-house service center and skilled technicians that are able to take care of all your Mazda vehicle needs from that regular oil change to the unexpected problem with your engine. As the summer season rolls around, our technicians, who are specially trained to know the vehicles in the Mazda lineup, can provide special preparation maintenance that will keep your vehicle performing beautifully even during the hottest heat wave. Some of our most popular summer season preparation tasks include: 

  • Changing out your snow tires for summer season options
  • Testing the battery and changing it if needed
  • Making sure that your engine has enough coolant and other liquids
  • Replacing the windshield wipers before the summer storms arrive
  • Checking the air conditioning unit to ensure that it works properly
  • Mounting roof racks and other Mazda-certified accessories for your summertime adventures
  • Providing additional specialty preparation maintenance for long-distance road trips, mountain trekking, and off-road excursions
  • And so much more! 

Mechanic working on the underbelly of a vehicle
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Bring Your Mazda to Our Service Center Today! 

If you are ready to enjoy the summer season without worrying about your Mazda vehicle’s performance, then schedule a service appointment with us here at Mazda Direct today! 

In addition to providing high-quality maintenance for Mazda vehicles, our dealership offers: 

  • An extensive selection of new Mazda vehicles 
  • A large inventory of high-quality used vehicles from numerous brands 
  • Traditional financing and leasing 
  • An inventory of Mazda-certified parts and accessories so that your Mazda vehicle can do more for you 
  • And so much more! 

We look forward to seeing you! 

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